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Carl Jung

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Ten Years
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A decade seems like it would be significant. Like it's some kind of milestone, maybe worthy of recognition of some kind.

I don't like being negative and nit picky about every god damned thing. This is the first year that my wife remembered this day. It's Cinco de Mayo for fucks sake, it's not that obscure. But anyway, she set a reminder on her phone, and so she remembered to say something about my 10 year sober thing. She was very proud of herself for having the forethought to set a reminder on her phone. So, she sent me a text message. Four words. So meaningful. *sniff*

Later, when she finally got home, she was more proud of herself for having set that reminder in her iPhone than she was happy for me having not had a drink in ten years. I was a little put off by that. I mean, it's not as if it was all that difficult of a feat for her. She could not remember it on her own, so she set an appointment reminder in her phone. Hey, way to go there, sweetie. I should get you a card or something, but I don't know if Hallmark makes card that says "Thanks for looking at your goddamn phone today."

Fuck, man. I don't think I ask all that much, and I get none of what I ask for. Why do I fucking bother. Meh.

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