2016-08-01- 1:35 p.m.

Jung Fu Master

"You Suck. Train Harder."
Carl Jung

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12+ and fading
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I've gone without drink for 12+ years.

I guess it's working.

I have plenty of days where I'd like for nothing more than to get fucking shitfaced. Today is such a day.

I guess that's normal. It seems normal.

I hate this fucking keyboard.

Nothing changes in life - at least, in my life. I'm burnt out. If it weren't for Sunday afternoons I'd have nothing to look forward to at all in life. Sunday is my 'bowling night,' only I don't bowl. I have another useless hobby where I spend my Sunday afternoon's wasting away in the company of like-minded others. And no, it isn't AA - if I wanted to listen to people complain I'd just stay home.

No, my hobby involves imagination and teamwork and dice and paper and homework. Thank God for that homework. Without it, I'd truly have nothing to enjoy in life.

Holy fuck, I hate my life.

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